Creative Process

in David’s words…

I would like to begin the “creative process” by expressing my deep appreciation for the many teachers in my life who have become some of my very best friends and “chosen family” — people of great integrity who have dedicated their lives to the highest standards and ideals.

From this rich and fertile ground, I begin this creative process. My primary inspiration comes from the rare gems and metals that I work with. Most of my work takes a simple and sculpted form in an attempt to frame the gem in a way that enhances it rather than distracts from its beauty and essence.

My customers often comment that my jewelry feels so good when they wear it. This comes from my attention to consciously crafting the piece with a weight and substance that ensures its durability.

Often I will hold a gem and feel and see possible designs and create from there. Other times, my inspiration comes from a dream. I awake and know just how I should proceed.

Sometimes I begin by sketching my idea on paper. Other times, I dive right into the creation process, which entails carving the design in wax, if it’s to be cast, or constructing or fabricating the design from different types of metal sheet or wire. Additional steps include refining the piece by filing the surfaces, pre-polishing the setting, setting the gemstone, and finish-polishing the whole piece.


Seeing a customer appreciate and even love one of my designs completes the creative process!